Jolanta Skiba

Jolanta uses acupuncture for pregnancy disorders, complaints after pregnancy and fertility problems.

Jolanta Skiba-Stouten is a certified acupuncturist. Her love for natural medicine started in her youth when she collected medicinal herbs with her grandmother. Seeing how well these could help with all sorts of serious health problems, she began to delve into natural therapies. In 2008 she traveled to Thailand to study Thai massage. With this she took her first steps on the path of natural medicine. In 2011, she took classes at the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) course under Matthias Hunecke (Avicenna Institute, Poland/France). She graduated from Shenzhou Open University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Amsterdam) in 2017, after which she started her own acupuncture practice. After years of intensive study in the field of acupuncture, she decided to delve into Western medicine to gain a better understanding of people’s health, now from the perspective of Western medicine. To this end, she obtained her degree in Foundation of Western Medicine from Shenzhou Open University in 2018. The knowledge of both TCM and of Western medicine allows her to be even better able to help her clients. In addition to the interest in natural medicine , she has always had a passion for gynecology and obstetrics. Raised amidst herbs and natural cures, she has heard many beautiful birth stories from her great-grandmother, a midwife in a small mountain village in Poland. The natural next step was therefore to develop further in the field of gynaecology. During her TCM study, she immersed herself in pregnancy and fertility treatments and participated in many seminars in the field of gynaecology . Her graduation assignment was about the use of acupuncture for female fertility problems. She has been working at Femme since 2020 and has specialized in gynaecology. She uses acupuncture for pregnancy disorders, post-pregnancy complaints and fertility problems. Acupuncture can also be used to prepare for childbirth. This treatment starts from week 35/36. If you want to know more about applying acupuncture during pregnancy, click on the following link</ a>: For more information, please visit her website: To make an appointment, please call or send a message to 06-85564967 or send an email to Jolanta is a member of  ZHONG, or the Dutch Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine (NVTCG). To find out whether acupuncture is also reimbursed by your health insurer, you can check thishere on Zhong’s website .

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