IUD placement

You can come to Femme Amsterdam for the placement of an intrauterine device. We can also use ultrasound imaging to ensure that it is correctly placed. IUDs are a reliable form of contraceptive and an excellent option for nursing mothers. Women who have been pregnant are also welcome. There are two types of IUDs available: the hormonal IUD and a hormone-free option, the copper IUD.

How is an IUD placed

An IUD is placed into the uterus through your vagina. First, an internal gynecological examination is performed. The size and position of your uterus will be checked and it will be determined whether you are pregnant or not. The insertion of the IUD takes a few minutes. You can take painkillers beforehand. After placement you can go home immediately. After 4-6 weeks you can come back for a check-up to see if the IUD is in place.

Hormone Spiral

A hormonal IUD is a very reliable contraceptive. You have 2 types of hormone spirals, the Mirena and the Kyleena.

Mirena is the most commonly used hormonal IUD in the Netherlands. This hormone IUD is effective as contraception for 6 years. In addition, Mirena can also be used to treat heavy blood loss.

Kyleena is a slightly smaller hormonal spiral than Mirena. This hormone IUD also releases slightly less hormones. Kyleena is effective as a birth control for 5 years.

The hormone IUD is a plastic anchor of 30 or 32 mm long and releases a small amount of the hormone progestogen. The mucus in the cervix becomes ‘tougher’, making it more difficult for sperm to pass through and an egg cannot implant. After inserting your IUD you are immediately protected against pregnancy.

The price of the IUD is for both around the 140 EUR. After the placement you can experience the first weeks some spotting, but big chance you won’t have a regular period. The benefit of the hormonal IUD is after removal you natural cycles will start quickly so the opportunity is there to get pregnant.

Copper IUD

A copper IUD is a reliable hormone-free contraceptive. A copper IUD offers 5 to 10 years of pregnancy prevention, depending on the type of IUD. Copper renders sperm cells inactive, thus preventing fertilisation. You are protected directly after placement. Placement of the IUD will alter your menstrual cycle and you will be directly protected against pregnancy. The coil can also be used as a ‘morning after’ solution if the IUD is placed within 5 days of unprotected intercourse.

The price of normal copper IUD is around the 80 EUR.

Tip: The placement of each IUD can be experienced as unpleasant or painful. You may take two Aleve Feminax 275 or one ibuprofen 400 mg the night before. Take the same dose again one hour before insertion.


After placement, we recommend an appointment for a follow-up, which can take place six weeks after placement or after at least one menstrual period. During the follow-up check, we check whether the IUD is still properly in place and we discuss whether you have any complaints. The costs for this ultrasound are €50.00.

Remove IUD

If you want to have your IUD removed, you can also contact us. After removing the IUD you are immediately fertile again.

Placement costs

The costs for placing an IUD are €72. These costs can be claimed from your health insurer. It is possible that the health insurer does not reimburse all costs or that the amount is (partly) deducted from the deductible. This differs per insurance and policy.
Please note: the costs of the contraceptive itself are not reimbursed from the basic insurance for women aged 21 and older, unless they have supplementary insurance for this.