From 2021 Renata worked occasionally as a substitute at Femme Amsterdam and since May 2023 she is part of our permanent team and works with us almost weekly. She lives in Grootebroek, near Enkhuizen. She has been making ultrasounds for about 34 years, really pioneering from the beginning, the profession didn’t exist then. She started in the hospital in Hoorn and did education and training from there.   She had her own 3D / 4D pretecho practice for 15 years, which was also pioneering, most ultrasound machines did not yet have a 3D function. After that she specialized in also medical ultrasounds which she does with full dedication.   She looks forward to showing you your baby at Femme Amsterdam.   Renata has been married for 30 years and has a son of 27, a son-in-law of 27 and a daughter of 24.

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