Prenatale screening

Prenatal screening

At Femme Amsterdam we offer prenatal screening tests. Thanks to these tests, it can be determined whether your child has a chromosomal, genetic and/or physical abnormality.

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Preconception check up

Do you have a wish to have children? At Femme Amsterdam you are also welcome before your pregnancy. We give you expert advice during a child wish consultation

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Making ultrasounds, the most beautiful and best images of your little one

If you are pregnant, we make regular ultrasounds. While you can enjoy your baby for a while, the midwife will look at its growth, position and development. In addition, we assess the body contours and organ structures.

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Begeleiding tijdens zwangerschap

Support during your pregnancy

At Femme Amsterdam you are assured of personal and expert guidance during your pregnancy. Really personal, because we want to get to know you well.

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Fun ultrasound

Even if you are not under treatment with us, you can have a fun ultrasound made in our practice in Amsterdam.

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Extra care

Femme Amsterdam works together with a nutritionist, coach, pelvic floor physiotherapist, lactation expert, osteopath and an acupuncturist. We also have collaborations with The Rub, where pregnancy massage, baby massage and yoga are provided.

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Birth support

During your pregnancy we will prepare you as best as possible for the delivery. We are ready with advice, hold information evenings and, if necessary, help you with a birth plan.

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Maternity care and examination

This is the first week after giving birth. A special period that is all about happiness, recovery and getting to know your son or daughter.

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IUD placement

At Femme Amsterdam you can have an IUD placed. We can also check ultrasound if your IUD is properly in place.

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