Amélie van der Aa

Nutrition before, during and after pregnancy; focus on what you CAN eat.

Amélie van der Aa

Nutrition before, during, and after pregnancy: focusing on what you CAN eat. 

Consciously working on your preconception, prenatal, and/or postnatal nutrition offers many advantages:

– Your child gains stronger immunity and less chance of allergies, diseases, or health issues in later life.
– You gain more confidence in what’s best for you and your baby at every stage of your pregnancy.
– It provides more energy, resilience, and emotional stamina.
– It reduces your chance of gestational diabetes and other complications and pregnancy discomforts.
– You maintain more control over your weight during and after your pregnancy.
– Your body becomes stronger, which can lead to a more efficient childbirth and quicker recovery.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated. On the contrary, I make sure all my advice is accessible and easy to implement, without consuming much of your time or energy.

During my third pregnancy, I personally experienced the power of prenatal nutrition. At the time, I was studying nutrition and applied everything I learned to myself and my growing baby.

Even with two energetic toddlers at home, I felt fantastic and full of energy throughout my entire pregnancy. My son, who is now eight years old, continues to reap the benefits and is armed with exceptionally strong immunity. A lifelong gift that I’m genuinely proud of.

Since then, I’ve been fascinated by the influence of nutrition on a baby’s development in utero and the wellbeing of pregnant women. I passionately guide future mothers from preconception to the first months after childbirth.

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Amélie van der Aa

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