Information evening about nutrition

What is the best diet during your pregnancy?

During your pregnancy you are not allowed many foods, but what can you and what is best for your baby? You can’t start eating the right things early enough, so you can support the growth and development of your baby in the womb. In addition, you can also do a lot to minimize problems with ailments and to stay energetic. It is only important to know what you can do then.

It actually starts before you conceive

If you already eat healthy before conception and maintain a complete diet, where you have no deficiencies, you are one step ahead. You have created the ideal environment for your soon-to-be child, where he can nestle best. But what if you have not lived very healthy? What is the best thing to do then? Or what can you eat to promote your recovery after childbirth? Your first trimester, but also your third trimester can be tough because of the nausea and fatigue, then the healthy food sometimes misses out. How can you best deal with this? Which nutrients are best used in this phase? And which supplements do you need and why?

What kind of nutrition will you need during the rest of your pregnancy?

It is often said that pregnant women should eat for two, this is a myth, but what amounts do matter? You will learn this, tips and tricks against nausea, heartburn, cramps and much more, together with all the questions above during the information evening. All your questions about nutrition are welcome, so write them down.

Amélie van der Aa, our nutritionist, will give this information evening of approximately 1.5 hours

Upcoming dates for the informational evening with our nutritionist Amélie:

  • 19-03-2024 – 18.00 o’clock
  • 14-05-2024 om 18:00 o’clock

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Do you already want some extra information about nutritional supplements during pregnancy? Then see this the text below.

What kind of vitamines you need during your pregnancy?

During your pregnancy it is extra important to get enough iodine, calcium and fish fatty acids. These substances are mainly found in bread, dairy and fish. If you eat less bread, dairy or fish than recommended, it may be necessary to take extra supplements. If you don’t get enough iodine or calcium, or eat fish less than twice a week, try eating more bread, dairy and fish first. If this does not work, the advice is to supplement iodine, calcium and fish fatty acids, especially DHA, with a supplement. Choose a supplement especially for pregnant women, which does not contain too much vitamin A.
Iodine deficiency is almost non-existent in the Netherlands. This is because iodine is often added to baker’s salt and is therefore sufficiently present in bread. It is therefore often not necessary to take iodine tablets, unless you follow a special diet without carbohydrates, for example.

Always use during your pregnancy:

WhatWhenHow much?
Vitamine DThroughout your pregnancy10 microgram a day
Folic AcidFrom the moment you want to become pregnant,
advice to start at least 3 months before conception
400 microgram a day
If you don’t get enough through food
ZwangerschapsboxFish oil and multivitamin during meals and probiotics in the morning on an empty stomachMulti vitamin 3 x 1 tablet per day. Probiotics 2 weeks
to use. Then don’t take it for 2 weeks. Repeat if necessary.
If you do not eat enough of certain products:
FishFish Oilminimum of 250 mg a day
BreadIodineminimum of 150 microgram a day
DiaryCalcium minimum of 1 gram a day, maximum 2,5 gram a day
Premium Products
Orthica Orthiflor FemProbiotics can help restore and maintain
a good balance of the intestinal flora and vaginal flora, which can be especially
important for women who want to conceive or who are pregnant
Take, if necessary, probiotics for 2 weeks.
Then don’t take it for 2 weeks.
Repeat if necessary.
Herbolist Premium
Collagen works anti-aging. During pregnancy it helps against hair loss1 scoop collagen powder a day
Tabel vitamines during pregnancy

This box contains 3 basic vitamins for a healthy pregnancy:

  • A multivitamin mama containing folic acid and calcium
  • Fish oil, for baby’s brain development
  • Probiotics, because the intestines often work less well during pregnancy
    which can make it difficult to properly absorb the nutrition. Probiotics help with this. Use it two weeks in a row to give the gut a boost.

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Can I take a multivitamin supplement?
Do you find it difficult to eat healthy during your pregnancy? Do you need extra iodine, calcium or DHA? Then it is practical to take a multivitamin especially for pregnant women
women. If you take a multi, you don’t have to take folic acid separately.
But many of these multivitamins for pregnant women don’t contain enough iodine, calcium, or DHA. Because it is difficult to choose the right vitamins, we have started looking for a partner who can help with this. On this page we have made a selection of products that are suitable for pregnancy. They are complete supplements especially for pregnant women.

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If you can’t find a solution, it is possible to schedule a personal meeting.