Information evening about nutrition

What is the best diet during your pregnancy?

During your pregnancy you are not allowed many foods, but what can you and what is best for your baby? You can’t start eating the right things early enough, so you can support the growth and development of your baby in the womb. In addition, you can also do a lot to minimize problems with ailments and to stay energetic. It is only important to know what you can do then.

It actually starts before you conceive

If you already eat healthy before conception and maintain a complete diet, where you have no deficiencies, you are one step ahead. You have created the ideal environment for your soon-to-be child, where he can nestle best. But what if you have not lived very healthy? What is the best thing to do then? Or what can you eat to promote your recovery after childbirth? Your first trimester, but also your third trimester can be tough because of the nausea and fatigue, then the healthy food sometimes misses out. How can you best deal with this? Which nutrients are best used in this phase? And which supplements do you need and why?

Wat heb je qua voeding nodig tijdens de rest van je zwangerschap?

It is often said that pregnant women should eat for two, this is a myth, but what amounts do matter? You will learn this, tips and tricks against nausea, heartburn, cramps and much more, together with all the questions above during the information evening. All your questions about nutrition are welcome, so write them down.

Due to the Corona virus, these information are now done online.

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