What do I need to take care of in which week?

Wat moet ik regelen in welke week

Order of business

What do I need to take care of in which week?

During your pregnancy, there are a few things that you will need to arrange. We have summarised this into a timeline throughout your pregnancy.

To do
Before the pregnancy

Start taking folic acid. Stop taking contraceptive medications preferably 3 months, but at least 1 month, in advance.

Positive pregnancy test

Plan a no-obligation consultation with Femme Amsterdam and if you haven’t already done so, begin taking folic acid!

Before 14 weeks

Arrange maternity care (kraamzorg) and childcare.

Before 24 weeks

Inform your employer and request maternity leave. Are you self-employed? You can request ZEZ benefits or have your accountant arrange this for you.

Before 30 weeks

Register for information evenings at Femme to learn more about birth, breastfeeding and your first period with your baby.

Before 35 weeks

Do you have a maternity package at home, and have you had an intake consultation with the maternity nurse (kraamzorg)?
If you would like, you can now begin with acupuncture treatments in preparation of your labour and delivery (schedule this two weeks in advance with Daniela).

Before 37 weeks

Ensure that your bed is raised to the required height. You can rent equipment via the home healthcare store (thuiswinkel). You can also go Dutch with Heineken beer crates.

General during pregnancy

It is important that the paternal recognition of the fetus is arranged if you are not married or in a registered partnership. It is best to do this prior to 25 weeks, but it must be arranged before the birth.


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