Birth support

After months of growth, preparation and anticipation, the birth of your baby is getting closer. An exciting moment for you and your partner. We will prepare you for the birth and delivery throughout the pregnancy. We are here for you – everything from personalised advice and information evenings to preparing a birth plan. Being well prepared will help you to feel more relaxed during labour. Are you stressed or worried about your approaching labour or do you have questions? You can come to us with all of your concerns.

During delivery

Labour and delivery is a unique experience for every woman. We will ensure that we support you to the best of our ability during the birth of your baby. Clear communication is essential. We will discuss your wishes in advance and will take these into consideration while supporting you. Our aim is to ensure that you look back on the birth of your baby with a positive feeling.

Home or hospital birth

If your pregnancy is without complications of high risks, you are free to decide where you would like to give birth. At home, in a birth centre, or at the hospital. Each of these options is safe. The most important thing to consider is where you will feel most at ease during the birth of your baby.

Water birth

You can also choose to deliver your baby in a bath or birthing pool. Warm water is relaxing and the transition from womb to warm water is very natural for your baby. We have assisted many women with water births throughout the years. Everyone who is permitted to have a home birth may choose a water birth. A water birth is also possible at the Bevaalcentrum West birthing centre (OLVG west). The medical site of OLVG-West has in delivery room nr. 7 also one very nice big bath to deliver in, when there are no major risks during your medical birth. They have wireless equipment which is waterproof so they can still check your baby’s energy levels.  The OLVG-east has one set up bath for non medical, policlinic births, same as the VU and AMC.

Pain relief

As the delivery comes more close, we will discuss pain relief methods with you. Your body will usually provide natural pain relief during delivery with the release of endorphins. Fear or tension can intervene with this natural process making it essential to relax as much as possible during labour. If you are planning on delivering with pain relief, it is best to indicate this in your delivery/birth plan. There are several pain relief methods available, with and without medication.